My name is Nathan Karimi, and I am your host, the Gung-ho Weirdo!

I am dedicated to recording the struggles and triumphs of making movies by sharing my first hand experiences as a Gung-ho Gorilla, independent filmmaker.          I'm a regular dude from St. Louis, Missouri trying to make it in the film industry. Making moves from the periphery and staying Gung Ho all the while. I am documenting my rise from the ground up as a filmmaker. I want to encourage everyone with a camera, some grit and stories to tell to do the same, in              Gung-ho fashion, cause it's the only way I know.


The Gung-ho Weirdo: Trying to Make a Movie podcast publishes at 8am CST every Friday.

  • Segments include
    • Who could really know? Every day is a struggle and I aim to catch you up and bring you on board the Gung Ho crazy train!
    • Sometimes I'll have a guest
    • Sometimes I'll go on rants
    • Every time I'll be Gung-ho!

***Available everywhere podcasts can be found***


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